Summer Ain’t Over Yet!!

Or at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself while setting up my new sim and packing it full of goodies! I’ve been rebuilding and trying to make new treats while learning and perfecting 3d modeling. I’m having so much fun with it that I have a major case of design A.D.H.D.!! It’s like giving me a box of crayons with a gajillion colors! So, I might be a while…. lol Till then, I have been digging out some cute things, signed on for Madpea’s Greenmire Hunt, and continue to sort out my store. You’ll currently find a sweet shoppe & Dollypop swim shop with goodies new & old PLUS more than 5 freebies for my friends!!

Find this Kawaii Couture & Dirty Dollies Group Gift Through September!!

At each store I have a group vendor!!

Find it in any 3 shops on my new sim!!

New & Recently Released Goodies!!

Find Kawaii Mesh Beach Essentials in 9 colors!!

Each set is mod/copy for the perfect fit!

Comes with both holding and straw sipping original mesh Dollypop Soda!!

All Animations are original, too!!

Find Mesh Dollypop Soda in 10 Colors!

My brand new 100% Original Mesh Dollypop Soda is here!

Soon, these will be recyclable for a super fun game at my sim!!

Remember Push Up Pops!!??

Enjoy 7 flavors that are trans so you can share with your friends!!

Find 5 varieties including 2 new sets!!

nEw Vulgar Push Up Pops!!

Hold the treat then touch it to activate the animated prim to see the push up pop up and down,

exposing it’s super funny vulgar message on the side and play peek-a-boo with your friends!!!

Or try the softer Om! Nom! Version!!

These cuties are animated by a simple in world touch, too!!

Find these classic sets in my sweet shoppe!!

You get 7 transferable treats in 3 styles!

These come with an original holding pose!

Ice Cream Peek-a-boo Pints are FINALLY HERE!!

What do I mean finally? Heh, well, these little cuties were one of the first things I ever made in my sweet shoppe build a few years ago. Numerous times I’ve had to package them up to sell on the spot to customers coming through my store. At one point I put these in a gacha machine, but I don’t think people realized how much the items in that machine did and sadly it wasn’t very successful. Instead, I have brought them out and made packs for my friends that include a reg sized pint, half pint, and BONUS ice cream cone in each pack! Simply drop the poppers in world and touch to animate them. They will play peek-a-boo with you and your friends!! See my own super giant sized in world, but these ones are avatar sized that would fit in your play kitchen.

Find Peek-a-boo Pints in 3 colors, all copy

so you never lose them to a server derrrrp!!

Choose from purple…


Or Pink!!

But remember… you have to find all of this in my sweet shoppe! The main shop is under construction!! Please visit my new sweet shoppe!! There’s plenty of goodies, including dOllYpOp! treats!! You know… The pOp! That keeps you bubbly!! Stay sweet <3

Teleport Directly To The Dollypop Swim Shoppe Here:

Teleport Directly To The Sweet Shoppe Here:

Find my main store under major construction here:

Coming soon… new original mesh items including clothing, sweet treats, buildings, and homes!!

Cupcake Carnival Update!

Thank you so much for joining us for the first ever

Cupcake Carnival Hunt & Games brought to you by dOllYpOp! sOdA!

We’ve had a few bumps, but with every change something new has bloomed!

We have 16 stores in our Cupcake Carnival Hunt!!

We have a temporary bump @ Earth’s so if you finish before we have fixed this,

please IM me in store and I can TP you to me to verify your HUD and temporarily re-route you!!

I have been so busy playing hostess that I haven’t had a chance to roll out all of the games in the sim wide cupcake carnival on Dollypop Adventure Island. When you finish the hunt you will be given the HUD for the Sucker Tag game & have a chance to take a ride on the dOllYpOp! slide ride sponsored by Juicy Cute Gum!

More games, weekly events, and even a carnival prize store will be coming this weekend!

Enjoy the hunt & remember to

dRiNk mOrE dOllYpOp! sOdA!!

To start the hunt:

Stop in any store participating for a hunt HUD!

Start your journey in the welcome center @ Dollypop Adventure Island Here:

Get your FREE Dollypop Adventure Island Tour HUD here:

Thank you so much to the kawaii designers on our hunt team!

You make my world a sweeter place <3

Official Cupcake Carnival Grid Wide Hunt Participants!!

!Chop Shop!

*Wishful Thinking*



(ALL FIXED!) Island/44/182/828


(Find Absentia On Dollypop Adventure Island, too!!)

Porcelain Decay

~Kittys Blanket~

^Wicked Sin Creations^

Sweet Thing

QT Pie


Fuck in The City Creations

Shanti Bohemian



Sweet Intoxication

It’s getting hot in herrrrrrrrre! Get ready for the cupcake carnival hunt!!

The entire month of June is going to bring sweet fun and games to Dollypop Adventure Island! First, use the hunt HUD & visit every cupcake carnival hunt location. Once you find all of the cupcakes you can come back to the Dollypop sim and start the carnival games!!

During the first two weeks of the carnival you’ll be able to play for prizes on The Dollypop Slide Ride, Sucker Tag, a sim wide cupcake hunt, and silly camping fun all over the sim! Play these games to collect tickets and special trinkets to get super rare prizes from Kawaii Couture & Kawaii Bakery in the carnival prize center, brought to you by dOllYpOp! soDa! You’ll find even more chances for goodies throughout the entire month with weekly sim events. But, I can’t give you all of the details or it might spoil the fun so join us June 1st, 2014 for The Cupcake Carnival!!

….And now for what we’ve all wanted to know….

Official Cupcake Carnival Grid Wide Hunt Participants!!

!Chop Shop!

*Wishful Thinking*




(Find Absentia On Dollypop Adventure Island, too!!)

Porcelain Decay

~Kittys Blanket~

^Wicked Sin Creations^

Sweet Thing

QT Pie


Fuck in The City Creations


Shanti Bohemian


Sweet Intoxication

And your final stop will be @ Dollypop Adventure Island

where you’ll find an entire prize center filled with goodies from Kawaii Couture & Kawaii Bakery!

Stay tuned for more attractions @ Dollypop Adventure Island!

Coming in the second phase of the cupcake carnival….

Whack-A-Popper ice cream game slots game, an interactive
baking challenge where you can create your own treats to take home AND earn prizes, Dollypop 7seas fishing for tickets, and new prizes in the cupcake carnival prize center to keep the goodies fresh!

Mesh Dollypop Summer Beach Essentials!!

I had to take a quick break from all of the baking for the cupcake carnival when my friends at the Fabulously Free blog told me about their new build, new gift area, and monthly gacha events!

I instantly pulled out the beach gear and turned my old parasols into mesh!!

For just 25L a Roll You can play for one of 12 parasols


Win the super rare beach gift pack!

The beach gift pack includes a parasol, shades, flip flop earrings, and the new mesh dollypop soda can!

Annnnd even though they know this already, I love my friends at Fab Free!

For years they have worked hard to bring people the fabulous life in SL by keeping up to date on gifts and goodies from around the grid! But, I might be showing favoritism because they were also responsible for highlighting some of my very first designs featured in grid wide hunts.

You’ll find the Fab Free Blog Here:

Thank you for everything, Love <3

Speaking of love, I effing love summer! So much so that between the Fab Free event and all of this hotness from the cupcake carnival baking that I had to use this chance to bring out my new dOllYpOp! mesh soda cans in a neat little pack to get you ready for summer!

Find these sets in my main store @ Dollypop Adventure Island Here:

Or the Beach Shop Here:

Find the Fab Free Gacha Here:

Find my Fab Free Gift Here:

There’s still plenty of space to participate in the Cupcake Carnival Grid Wide Hunt & Sim Wide Game!

See the post on Hunt SL here:

Apply in world or Here:

See MY Blog post about the Cupcake Carnival Here:

Hope to see you there!! Stay Sweet <3

Get Ready For Summer With The Cupcake Carnival @ Dollypop!

Get ready for an event like you haven’t seen before from Dollypop!!

All of this baking at the sim has began to heat things up, getting us ready for summer fun @ Dollypop Adventure Island! Start the summer with a fun hunt followed by a cupcake carnival at the sim. BUT, you have to find every prize in the hunt in order to unlock the HUD to play the final carnival game for even more gifts on Dollypop Adventure Island.

          Love or hate me, I’m honest. I have a sweet side, but I also nip bullshit in the butt fast. In SL, I don’t participate in many events outside of Madpea simply because of the drama. As I have began to do research on feedback from previous events & grid wide hunts from merchants AND hunters I came across some info that reminded me of why I attempted one grid wide hunt in SL but haven’t tried another since.

I’ll never forget how on my first hunt, first store, I found myself in this giant store, 4 decoys on the sim, too many avatars on the sim with too many scripts and flexi prims with resize scripts in them, poorly built buildings that cause lag ( a lot of new and old store owners don’t even know that), multiple scripted vendors, etc, making it so miserable that I never did another hunt as a consumer. If you can believe it, the hunt I attempted was considered THE hunt on the grid and a store people raved about. For a while, I would only participate in the hunts with Sour Pickles as a merchant and left it at that.

Well, this isn’t how we do things in my imagination! Yup, that’s right! I will keep my world pink, sweet, and full of fun for my guests!! Matter of fact, I don’t tell  this story often but the idea of Dollypop Soda came out as I found myself annoyed with that sudden craze of hunt owners who not only allowed that sort of evilness to happen to their guests, encouraged it, and then expected all of the focus of the event to be on the owner’s store (or the new fad paid sponsors) even though many other amazing designers were putting in just as much work.

Sorry event organizers of SL, but chaos is chaos if you let it be. The times I have had events plus managed my own stores and sims, I have never felt that there was so much work being done that everyone needed to focus on me and kiss my feet. That is bullshit. So, I decided when I’d do events that I would use a fake sponsor: Dollypop! But, then Dollypop took on a life of it’s own in my creations and to this day has become my most popular item(s) sold!! It makes me feel good to know that I could take the negative and turn it into positive. This is why I really appreciate my Dollypop supporters on a level I won’t normally confess to plus feel motivated to make new, fun ways to earn gifts at my sim!

So enough ranting. Let’s talk goodies!!

There is no store min or max amount of stores in the event. Hunters will begin the adventure by grabbing a HUD from any sign in any store of the hunt. Inside of the HUD you will be given a NC with all stores participating, allowing you to do the hunt in your own order and also skip stores that may be difficult or very full of hunters. Once you have found each store’s cupcake you will be able to come back to Dollypop Adventure Island to begin The Cupcake Carnival Game! This will be the way my friends will get the hunt items I have created as gifts for the hunt… yes items as there will be a special store that will allow you to play games, get tickets, and then turn them in at the prize center for items in my special carnival store!! Merchants participating will also have the ability to add a prize to the prize center if they wish!

Along with the hunt and game I am offering cupcake store space during the event to allow extra exposure to stores or even give smaller stores a chance to be in the hunt. While we will have no stores in malls allowed, you WILL be allowed to rent a store on my sim and hide your item anywhere you wish on my sim, including in the giant little girl’s room where we are all doll sized!!

I am super excited about this event as this will serve as a sort of practice and introduction to my games on Dollypop Adventure Island! You will be able to earn special prizes and even cutie coins, the official money on the Dollypop sim, so that if you prefer to earn your items by play that you can!! Afterall, I’m a gamer girl at the core.

So get your bathing suits out or visit the Kawaii Couture beach shop for new mesh items, parasols, bathing suits, flip flops, water toys, and more starting in June!

Come play with us!

Fresh Mesh Wearbles, Steampunk Gacha, and Yummy Cupcakes!

My sweet mess is slowly coming together @ my nEw Dollypop Adventure Island sim! It is one hot mess as I bake kawaii treats for this past Madpea Steampunk Gacha Fair and get ready for a spring cupcake carnival! I am trying to release a bunch of little projects I’ve been making along the way. I hope to keep your sweet tooth satisfied until the powdered sugar snow thaws the sim back to chocolate s’more goodness for the cupcake carnival!! Come see my new cupcake store build next to my main store @ Dollypop Adventure Island! I left some hot cinnamon rolls on the counter just for YOU! The sim tour HUD has a gift in it, too, so be sure to grab one in any of our signs or auto given when you stop in Kawaii Couture main shop.

 The Madpea Steampunk Gacha Fair was a blast! I was honored to participate amongst such amazing artists. I wound up with so many items that I had not just 2 machines worth, but 3! Annnnnd a whole bunch of things I have yet to even release. I will just slowly be putting out more and more as I work on the Cupcake Carnival for June. I’m super proud of all of this stuff because it’s my first big mesh project. Again, it was an honor to premier it all at Madpea’s Steampunk Gacha Fair! Find my 3 Steampunk Gachas, the 3rd nEw machine, PLUS nEw releases in the cupcake store!

50L a roll Steampunk Gacha as seen in Madpea Steampunk Gacha Fair!

Not all Gacha items will be for sale on their own!

Each item gives out it’s own copy/trans item to share with friends!

Tea pots give out tea cups you can sip!

Cakes big and small give out different cupcake mouthies!

Hot Air Balloon Rare Dispensers give out cupcakes in tea cup mouthies!

Find these gacha items PLUS brand nEw items like this:

Mmm! Cake!

You can get big cakes that stand on their own serving table,

mini cakes you can either hold or put out on a serving table,

cupcakes on their own sweet serving tray,

kawaii steampunk tea tables, and more!

But WAIT There’s MORE!!

Getcher Fresh Mesh Wearables for 99L Through Friday!

Use this link to TP to the front steps of Kawaii Couture @ Dollypop Adventure Island!

Turn left to go to the steampunk cupcake store, but don’t forget to stop into

Kawaii Couture for fresh cinnamon roll mouthies, gifts, and more!

Last Day @ Madpea’s Steampunk Gacha Fair!!

Today is the last day of the Steampunk Gacha Fair! No need to say goodbye to my items as I plan to release a whole line of steampunk inspired furniture and treats! But, you better get to the Mad City sim to grab the very last bite from the rest of the vendors at the fair!! Take this LM to my store @ Mad City!

Did you forget what I made??

Find the Cog & Key Steampunk Gachas @ Mad City!

Find the Steampunk Kawaii Pocket Watch Gacha

@ The Dollypop Adventure Island!!

Stop by for kawaii gacha and even some free cake to share with your friends!!

Steampunk Sweets @ Madpea Gacha Fair!!

I’m late! I’m late! Yeah, just like the white rabbit I’ve been running around like a crazy loon trying to get ready for the steampunk gacha fair at Madpea! But, I have a really good excuse because for a few weeks all I did was create mesh sweet treats while trying to stay somewhat true to the steampunk theme. The problem is that I tend to make everything pink with faces on it, so a compromise was in order!! By the time I was done, I had not one but 3 machines worth of goodies even after taking a bunch out of the mix so that the machine wasn’t overloaded with treats! The limit for the gacha fair was 2 machines, so you’ll find my antique key and cog gachas at the madpea steampunk gacha fair. That means that at my sim I am making a cupcake house jusssst for the overflow of stuff that I made!! Since I love and support everything Kiana and Madpea does I will be holding my third machine and new release vendors for when the fair is over next week. Till then, find these sweet treats at the madpea Gacha fair!! Hope to see you there!!

Each Gacha machine roll costs just 50L!

Kawaii Couture Cog Gacha ONLY @ Madpea’s Steampunk Gacha Fair!

Kawaii Couture Key Gacha ONLY @ Madpea’s Steampunk Gacha Fair!

Find this super kawaii pocket watch collection coming soon to the dOllYpOp! Adventure Sim!

Wanna see the different items and what they give??

See all of the preview ads of each item hErE:

A special thank you to my dear friend DJ Freq who helped me sort these items out!!

Find her on

Fuck Soap!

Yeah, I said it… fuck soap! Why? Because I have had to find a way in life to live embracing every moment, taking moments of stress and finding their blessing. Fuck soap is a direct quote from when my son was about 3, having a temper tantrum in my car, and testing out cuss words as he responded by my threats of putting soap in his mouth. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard because deep down that is what every adult is feeling when they are overwhelmed, but at some point society won’t tolerate us throwing fits without going to jail. So to balance it all out, when I feel like I can’t do anything about something I simply go back to the best way to throw an adult temper tantrum in my head: Fuck Soap!

For those unaware, I have Fibromyalgia. I am a 36 yr old mother and wife who is lucky to have the support I need around me to not only take care of myself and to be taken care of, but to find new ways of coping and to be true to myself when I need to indulge in life’s pleasures. I’m lucky that with the help of medical marijuana, the infamous Rick Simpson oil, proper nutrition, sleep, and support keeps me from being in terrible pain all of the time. But, that’s not true for all of my friends. I am always looking for ways to experiment theories that work for me that I can try to pass to my often desperate and depressed friends in pain. A lot of people don’t realize medication often doesn’t even work. That is exactly where I have been the last 2 days. Where I am often able to manage my pain and be very active, living a pretty normal life. I can also be struck by the infamous fibro flare and I am just fucked like soap! I have to surrender to being in bed, taking care of myself, and delegating responsibilities to my best support & best friend, my husband.

Thankfully, I am mostly out of bed now and on the up after about 2 days of not being able to walk on my feet, where hugs were painful, and my only choice was to simply lay in bed. This sort of pain, not just in the feet, but pain this bad is rare for me. I mostly go through ups and downs where the coping time saves me from the despair of moments where I am not ok. Now, I do have to tell you that for those of you out there who wish for an excuse in bed for two days I promise that I honor you and those feelings!! lol I make being in bed a mini vacation of ignoring my pain as best as I can. I get to cuddle with my puppy, who has learned that if I am in bed play fighting that she has to be gentle with me, my hubby and I watch marathon episodes or t.v. shows, have ice cream and movie parties in bed with my 7 yr old, and focus not on the pain but what lessons I could learn and share from this experience to make it purposeful.

Yesterday, I fell in love with my pain on an entirely new level. Not only was I lucky enough that this flare seems to be lightening up after 2 days, flares that could last weeks for others, but it was through this pain that I found myself in bed watching T.E.D. Talks. Many of them were so inspiring on many levels, but it was here that my ultimate wish was given to me: The world’s best explanation as to why I believe I can manage my pain without the use of harsh medications ( unless I am desperate… because we all know they don’t always work anyway). It was here that I heard the second speech being given by a female gamer/game designer who had done lectures on the benefits of playing more games in your life. This lead to people making the joke of: When you die would you have wished you’d played more Angry Birds? Well, the biggest haha is that in our generation, yes… yes those of us who weren’t given the chance to just dumb out for days in our youth, and continue into adulthood, who loves this world would be totally traumatized by not getting in enough gaming. But, now she has a new theory in which she finds gaming can increase your life by 7 minutes. That, still is not the part I am excited about!! Her magic recipe came from being in bed, unable to have her usual comforts like video games, as a head injury left her unable to be stimulated. I could totally relate, having fibromyalgia. For me, I have to surrender and just relax my body until it stops over sending these signals. She gives you tools for when you are in this state… but not just tools a game to play.

This game isn’t just any ole game, but the most amazing way that I can show my friends how I cope. I didn’t even realize I had been doing some of this without calling it therapy. Those who know me and my brands well will be able to see that I have been trying to create this for myself and for all of you in Second Life! All of my items except for 2-3 products were all made because it made me feel good to be distracted, it allowed me to feel connected in a social circle, and I got to experience the joy of feeling gratitude when people could enjoy what I created in the same way I had felt myself. This bond is what keeps me going on my worst days. I will often complain to my husband that the worst pain I have is that I have to rest because everything I look at is giving me ideas. Knowing Blender has made this even worse!! lol But, I listened to this woman’s ideas from my bath tub as I was desperately trying new things to calm the sensations in my body. As she goes through her points, I realized wow… this is what I do. This really is the secret. I can’t explain why or how, but when you are able to make small accomplishments, reach out for support, and feel supported it brings healing to our bodies in the most amazing ways. Through the love of adventure, love of friendship and family, and a little self care you can level up from your pain.

I believe all of this time I have just chosen to spread love to feel better. Yeah, I’m that person in the Starbuck’s Drive Thru who will pay for your order. I will smile and say hello to anyone who walks past me and even find a way to START a chatting conversation with someone to whom I can tell probably doesn’t have much company or many trips out of the house. I relate to all of these things so for me I focus that it’s a blessing that I can get in my car and get coffee today, even if that’s all I can do. While I’m out, I need to reach out and make a difference for someone, anywhere, and if it’s a drive thru that God gives me to do so then I am gonna use it! Just the same as I use SL to bring silly and fun items that distract me and can make me feel useful even if I am hurting but ok enough to sit at my desk.

I have been planning on turning my sim into a set of mini games, but this has inspired me on a new level. I am going to make one of the games on my sim a game we can play when we’re sick. I encourage you to not only rely on my creativity, but find a way to be brave and create your own RL video game to help you cope. What I wish that I can do is give us not just a boost of hope when we’re out of bed, but maybe my silly game hud memory in your mind could allow you to close your eyes from you bed and still feel connected, not feel alone, and be able to put on your own character to win your own adventure! Sadly, this is all the time I have today to share as I can feel my body signals slowly lighting up again. I instantly let go, knowing this too shall pass, because this is an adventure and I am not alone in my journey. Neither are you <3

Jane McGonigal: The game that can give you ten extra years of your life TED Talk

Just in case the link doesn’t work:

P.S. For those who didn’t see the signs on my sim already, yes, I plan to do a dispensary and healing center on the sim for us, too!

Can’t wait to see you in “Super Better”! <3

The Evolution Of My Imagination

                                  Upon first glance of my Second Life profile you’ll see my cocky warning that my imagination is addictive. But, it is! Just not for the reasons one would first think. Those who have followed me through my journey in SL know that I am not here to just create a store and play shop owner. For me, this is about connecting with my inner child and building a world that people can submerge themselves into. I have gone through a lot in the last 6 yrs and SL has been that escape for my art. As I have evolved over the years so has my art. I’ve been very lucky to have faithful friends and supporters who have helped my art to support the space I needed to build in Second Life. From shitty neighbors and unreliable sim owners, I have had to move and sometimes rebuild my space. Each time it has had a new twist, even a new look. I never quite paid attention to how many years I had been in business until I went rummaging through photos to share this blog post with you. I started Dirty Dollies, Little Dollies, and Rag Dollies in approximately 09 and began Kawaii Couture in February 2013 when my products went from mostly doll, adult baby, and child like items to more of a lolita and sweet treats place. I didn’t really plan it that way, but it just happened as I enjoyed building new scenes around me. I’ve been active in the Kawaii Couture line for about a year. New friends often say things like, ” I don’t know how I never saw your store before.” But, the truth is that I have had so many sim problems that I hadn’t truly built, finished, and launched my vision in any of the locations which made every move a brand new build. Now, as I embark on an entirely new gimic for my sim, I’d like to take you on a trip down memory lane! Not only is it neat to look back, but I hope to show others who admire my work that with a little bit of trust in yourself and practice that it’s possible to create anything you can dream of! If you want proof, I managed to learn Blender and hell didn’t freeze over!! *lol*

My First Dirty Dollies Store In The Doll Works Sim 2009

The Doll Works was home to my very first store. It was so popular, even that noobish, that dollies thought it was my sim!

I loved that when I would be changing something or adding a product to my collection that dollies would come and circle around me. I felt like the dolly pied piper of Second Life!

It was here that I met some of my closest friends and deepest loves in SL.

When Doll Works decided to close down their mall and change their sim, I moved my main business to my building space. It was here that I built my very first Doll House Store.

It was during this time that my brand began to change from fetish and doll to more of a little girl dolly feel.

Not long after I created this store I became very successful in the mainstream doll and lolita markets as people got to know my store through Trinity’s No Strings Attached Hunt. Trinity and Dallas were my biggest supporters!

My next store build came in the fall of 2010 when I obtained my first piece of land with scenery and a real view to build around.

This was the first regular building I ever made! My friend Noe had to start me out or I’d have been lost!

I can’t explain why, but I loved creating that store window with the presents! lol

My first treat table! I believe building all of this made me want to make more edibles. Now, my store is filled with kawaii treats!

This was my concept for using doll boxes as my vendors. I even made images on the back to show you the pieces that came with the outfit. At that time, I gave out a matching doll box for your avatar that matched each outfit! I tried putting larger advertising images, but that confused people more because they weren’t typical panel vendors with arrows which were all the rage at the time.

I know there was some sim problem when we decided to board this place up for good, but I can’t even remember why I was upset because it was hillarius when I came back to see that my best friend had boarded up the place and even kicked over the dOllYpOp! vending machine! *lol*

With my new sim I took the chance and began to play with landscaping.

This was probably my favorite place in all of SL, even if it wasn’t all perfected just yet.

I spent a lot of time sitting on the porch of that build with people I love.

When you arrived on the sim you would land on the dock and had to walk up to the land. I loved having the giant mushrooms around.

This was when the idea of flooding the place with dOllYpOp! first pOppED into my head.

  It was fun to see people walk around and discover the fantasy.I think this is the point that I became hooked at the idea of becoming better to create even grander ideas.

Some of my favorite designs came out of me when I played in this sim. I was so proud of what I was beginning to create!

I had a lot of love, support, and little girl tolerance from Papa Pope when I began to dream all of this up.

No this is not a shameless plug for my fUGGS boots ( That are currently on sale for 25L until I can replace them as mesh),

but the only tiny view I could find of when I had my giant tea set in the background

along with my first cotton candy trees that gave away cotton candy. I can’t wait to redo those in mesh!!

The building on the left was my very first dOllYpOp concept build. I had originally planned that the blog be somehow connected to

events that we ran here, but life was just a little too busy with my little guy. You can see the hint of my sweet shop coming out

in these builds with all of the candy and sugar things I began putting outside. Oh,

plus you can see the tea cup ride in the pond that I never fully finished, but I totally will in 2014!

This building was my very first concept of a sweet shop named The Babydoll Bakery. Some of my earlier treats are even labeled with this logo. It was only meant to be a prop until mouthies became a popular thing in SL and people began asking for my various treats. So, it’s all their fault that I can’t stop the sweet tooth now!! While this land was cute, again, it was never finished. The landlord sadly couldn’t afford his sim any longer and eventually I had to move. But, alas, a new move means a chance to do this stuff even better then before, right?

This image has more nastalgia to it than I am willing to admit to LOL! This was an image taken from within  my store as I was doing a Sour Pickles Karaoke Hunt. My gift theme was all inspired by the 80′s cartoon rocker Gem! I was also working on my Strawberry Shortcake apron ruffles. I feel that this outfit showed a total upgrade to where my art was going. Many blessings are in disguise because it was at this point that I no longer felt like I was any less good at this than the designers that I admired. I still love this dress more than any other because of it. My friends like to call this the only thing not pink that I love! lol

On April 29, 2012 after my sim had closed I took a leapfrom 1/8 sim to 1/2 of a sim with the help of my friend Chobii.

When we first got the land we ran around acting a fool, taking a break from the stress of me lifting my old build, and thus Happy Cupcake Fuckland was conceived! lol

Well, at least that’s what we made our friend think we were gonna call it. While on our excited parade, we changed the sim name just long enough to get some screenies and a landmark to that sim that I still have to this day… labeled Happy Cupcake Fuckland!!

This sim was where I first created the build I called Lele’s Room. People would TP into my store and when they left to explore they realized they

were doll sized, in a giant little girl’s bedroom. I, of course, am that giant little girl, playing off the idea that I am just a big kid at heart.

One of our favorite places to hang out was in my giant toy box. I plan to bring this build back for Doll Festival March 3!!

The cool thing about this build is that I stashed secret places where I could build but no one would see the mess

so that I could enjoy lounging with my friends and still keep my not so ready things sorta private.

But, the best part of that entire room was hands down my T-Rex from D-Lab that would chase you around the bedroom!

( I have to give Chobii credit for that! The only things I hadn’t built were from made from D-Lab and a few other places she loved like Pink Fuel.)

I’m not sure how this happened, but this seems to be the only pic of the inside of the dOllYpOp! soda shoppe.

This was in it’s earliest days. I am quite excited to say that I will be bringing a new mesh version to my current dOllYpOp! sim with a whole new look this year!!

After taking a brief break from SL to play the new Star Wars MMO (SWTOR), I came back and rented a small piece of land I could just build on. I found this cute holiday sim called Icewater Village and set up my very first location of Kawaii Couture. While this store was keeping my land paid for, I started building what I called passion projects… things I just wanted to make instead of trying to make things “for” my store. I have to add in here that the people who run Icewater Village were the best landlords a girl could ask for. It was my only experience, other than my current sim owner, to whom made me feel at home! Thanks again, Icewater Village!

At some point I got terribly sick with strep and it took a long time to get my energy back. I couldn’t even find it in me to pvp in SWTOR. So, I signed up for the Sour Pickles hunt that was themed in comfort items for the cold and flu season. My item was very easy to come up with because all I could think of was how comforting my tea was and how I wished I could just bathe in it! Well, I made that wish come true PLUS pulled out my old giant tea set from my past build (from the fUGGS boot pic you can see just the tea pot) and combined it into a giant kawaii tea set to go with the tea cup spa! I continued to build here until I outgrew my space.

Around April I started to feel better and I became homesick for my little girl toys. I picked up a new 1/2 sim all by myself

this time and began redeveloping not just my Lele’s Room build, but also my store. If you look closely,

you’ll see my current store sitting on top of that snack table! Again, I didn’t tell my unsuspecting guests and sometimes just secretly

watched as people would begin to tp in friends, giggling in kawaii glory. It was a true blessing for sure, especially because at some point Chobii came back to SL and offered her help.

Around the time we were celebrating Chobii’s birthday, I was showing off my brand new store and sim!

At the end of summer we made up this silly story that Lele accidentally left her dollies in her sandbox.

Bored, the dollies began to wander, found some dOllYpOp! left behind, and decided to throw a party until Lele returned.

We had an entire beach full of silly fun, along with an event we wanted to do in the fall called the dOllYpOp! sUmmER do OVER!

I was just too sad to see the summer go away!! I had way too much fun soaking in the sun, drinking dOllYpOp! and also chillin’ on the ice cube floaties.

Sadly, the neighbors and the landlord turned out to be major douches and I had to make the decision to pick up my sim and move all while getting ready for

The Candy Fair. Only a few people were lucky enough to walk this whole build, but you can see lots of picks all over my blog and in flickr!

Who would think something so totally kawaii would become so controversial…. but it did. After working for about 2 months on new products for The Candy Fair

I was kicked from the event when the owners of the event went on an ego trip and said that my products could not be shown at the fair because it was a copyright infringement. I briefly blogged about this in my 6 yr post, but to recap I was in touch with the company (we all know they accused me of copyright infringing), however the company didn’t feel the same. Also, there are no legal copyright infringements whether trademarked or copyright. Oh, and to legally call something a copyright infringement, etc, you have to own that property as well. Since it’s their event and ultimately Second Life had the right to deny my items even being in world if they agreed, I decided to just let it go. Instead, I legally copied the buildings that were sent to the merchants to test and made my own fuck you Candy Fair on my sim. *lol* I don’t think I have seen my creations blogged as much as on this build… and I don’t mean my store sold items but the land and environment I had created. Friends were pointing out bloggers left and right who simply freaked out over how adorable the place was. It was a true joy on my heart after that negative energy. Thank you for that, my dolly friends! Again, you can see picks of this build on the blog and flickr.

There is nothing in this world or Second Life that will take me down. Every time I felt defeated I was blessed. I feel it when

I look over the progression of my art, sealed by the way I felt when the bloggers ate up my sim, literally!!

This time I was shown love not from my items, but just my art. The textures and build they were admiring were all created by me and aside from the Candy Fair houses

it was all my custom building. I say”was” not “is” only because we are now under powdered sugar snow over at tHe dOllYpOp sim. Now with time to focus on the sim, I have been able to begin replacing those buildings with my own mesh designs.

This heart purse is my very first 100% original mesh release in the Bag It! Pack It! Clutch It! Hunt <3

I have spent the winter being incredibly festive with family and tweaking what I feel is my art finally coming full circle into the vision I have wished for.

Do I want to be popular? No. but, what I do want is to make a place where people feel like they dropped into my imagination like a Super Mario Bros’ game.

Since my friends say I give away my stuff too much, I decided I would make a game out of my sim,

finding new ways to allow people to not just receive gifts in a fun way but to have something to do in the kawaii environment.

In honor of the bloggers and friends who shared the love and felt that space with me, I am designing even more into the build that will give you plenty of places

for kawaii pics!! It is my goal that people can just forget about RL for just a little while. It’s Second Life, afterall.

Instead of focusing on others events in Second Life, I will be preparing my sim, continuing to contribute to MadPea events ( fucking love the peas <3), and doing the occasional SL grid wide hunt.

I am having a blast as I learn to use mesh and get the chance to finally feel a real freedom in being able to build things exactly the way I want them! I have made so many things already from cake pops to pumps!! I just need an extra 24 hours in a day to texture it all and learn about this new liquid mesh stuff!!! I am so proud of myself for finally achieving that goal of learning Blender. I feel all badass now! *lol*

If I can help anyone out there who is learning, don’t hesitate to find me, Saucey Sinister, in SL! I don’t claim to be a pro, but I reeeally messed up a lot of things before finally figuring it out.

My sim is open, though under construction! I have no official date since MadPea is having their steampunk gacha event next month. I love the way Kiana’s themes challenge my art and this time what I have planned is going to be quite involved. It’s my wish that I’m ready by my birthday in May so that we can have a May The Fourth celebration.

Words can not express the way I appreciate the support of my dolly friends over the years. I look forward to the new sim bringing forth new blessings in the form of new friends, too <3

You bring your imagination and I’ll bring the dOllYpOp!

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